Welcome to The Decline of Dragons, a world-spanning tale set during 179 AL on, during the reign of King Aegon IV Targaryen, the Unworthy.

The themes of chaos, deception, decay, doom, and madness will run thick through these tales, and the actions of the players will invariably change the canon of the story to pass in over 100 years.

Until then, my players will struggle to enforce their motivations and goals in a world full of competing ones. This is not a world for the meek of heart. Secondary characters try to win at all costs, those with agendas hide them, and the entire world can be holding a knife at your throat.

A Lord crusades, leaving the treachery and lawlessness of his lands in the hands of a Maester and a tortured blade.

A Dornish noble fights to keep his family legacy alive while his bannerman grips the world by the throat.

A foolish young gadabout grows up quickly, carving a deep rut in the history of Westeros.

EDIT: I want to thank my players for consistently providing mature, involved, and dedicated role-playing. I have never had more fun playing a role-playing game, and I find myself more excited to play again after every session. Thanks, dudes.

The Decline of Dragons

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