Lord Winton Reyne

Master of Coin of the Seven Kingdoms and Lord of Castamere. Ambrose Butterwell's best friend.


Motivation: To find true love in a place so dark and crooked as King’s Landing.

Goal: That he might lead a peaceful and prosperous life, and grow his family and titles.

Virtue: He is talented, blessed, and fortunate, but retains his humility.

Vice: He is quite haughty, especially with the servants and laborers that actually perform the work from which he profits.

He is quick with a joke, and fond of a poke, and he and Ambrose get along just fine, as two of the only young men in Westeros capable of leading the lavish life they do. He is not so handsome as Ambrose, but slightly richer, and fond of bold gestures and emotionally-charged oration.

Lord Winton Reyne

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